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Healthcare service is viewed as one of the quickest developing parts in the Middle East. Healthcare services spend in the GCC in 2011 was assessed to be $46.12bn and this is required to reach $133.19bn in 2018, because of a rising populace, an expansion in way of life infections and more profound protection penetration. There are various prominent social insurance ventures being worked over the locale, both by governments and by private remote human services financial specialists, with huge names like Cleveland Clinic and King's College London, joining organizations previously settled in the market, including Johns Hopkins, Imperial College London, Cornell University and Moore field's.

In the case of working inside a Government or a private medical clinic, Doctors moving to the Gulf area will have the chance to work nearby a genuinely worldwide workforce in best in class offices, with the most recent advances and without budgetary requirements. There are additionally chances to carry new aptitudes and experience to the market, molding social insurance desires right now locale.

Gauges are strikingly high for such a quick creating segment, with most of emergency clinics JCI Accredited, or if nothing else moving in the direction of JCI Accreditation. The Middle East has changed gigantically in the course of the most recent 50 years and keeps on doing as such. The medicinal services part is vital to the areas proceeding with development and advancement, and the venture being made plainly mirrors this.

What opportunities are there?

Most of chances in the Gulf are at Consultant level, working in medical clinics or master facilities, both government and private. The capabilities and experience expected to rehearse as a Consultant relies upon where you did your preparation. In the event that pro preparing was done in the UK (a Tier 1 nation) you have to have 2 years present CCT experience on function as a Consultant. Level 2 nations require 8 years' experience post specialization.

Because of the Middle Eastern culture of self-referral there has been an absence of chances for GPs, however this is beginning to change. The Ministries of Health in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE have all set up arrangements to greatly expand their essential medicinal services contributions, which should see a development in open doors for abroad GPs sooner rather than later.

Lamentably there are no genuine open doors for Junior Doctors to go to the Gulf. There are just a couple of preparing emergency clinics and they are focused on preparing nearby doctors, not offering places for abroad alumni. Additionally, Consultant-drove care is the standard over the area, further restricting chances.

Registration & Immigration

The way toward acquiring clinical enrollment in the Gulf will change contingent upon the nation you choose to work in (and in the UAE, the emirate you are utilized in will likewise influence the procedure). Picking up licensure will include various advances that may include appraisals, personal investigations, endorsements of good standing and a necessary number of long periods of work on relying upon your specialization. As a rule, you should hold a clinical capability recorded from a clinical school recorded in the International Medical Education Directory of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research.

Additionally, visa application forms change by nation; however as a rule once an employment bid has been made the imminent boss will have an enormous influence in helping you acquire the significant business/living arrangement visa. For additional data it is best to contact your Workplace Doctors Recruitment Specialist who will have the option to give you subtleties pertinent to your ideal area.

The links below also provide useful guidance on some of the requirements stipulated by the different countries in the Gulf region:

Qatar Supreme Council of Health

UAE Ministry of Health

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health

Kuwait Ministry of Health

Cultural Awareness / Etiquette

Although the Middle East is a large expanse of geography with a variety of countries and customs, noting the following general points of etiquette can be useful when dealing with people who have been raised according to the traditions of the Middle East

It is ideal to dodge conversations about religion and the legislative issues of the Middle East. Continuously remember that you are relied upon to carry on such that fits in with your kindred inhabitants.

When in doubt, ladies' attire should cover the highest points of the arms and legs. Anything that is uncovering ought to be kept to the security of your home.

Open showcases of love between individuals of the contrary sex, including wedded couples, are by and large disliked. This can incorporate exercises as minor as hand-holding.

Showing the underside of one's foot or contacting someone with one's shoe is regularly viewed as inconsiderate. This incorporates sitting with one's feet or foot raised. In certain conditions, shoes ought to be evacuated before going into a lounge.

Numerous in the Middle East don't separate proficient and individual life. Working together spins substantially more around close to home connections, family ties, trust and respect. There is an inclination to organize individual issues to the exclusion of everything else. It is hence pivotal that business connections are based on shared companionship and trust.

Muslims are obliged to supplicate five times each day, in this manner day by day schedules, arrangements and gatherings must be fitted in properly around petition times. Friday is the day for congregational petitions and it is mandatory for all guys to join in.

The customary Islamic welcome you will hear is 'Asalamu alaykum' (harmony is with you). As a non-Muslim you would not be relied upon to utilize it, yet on the off chance that you did you would get the answer 'wa alaykum salam' (and harmony be with you).

The jobs of people are unquestionably increasingly characterized in the Arab culture and association between the genders is still disliked in certain arenas. If you are acquainted with a lady as a male, it is fitting to keep a watch out if a hand is expanded. In the event that it isn't, at that point don't attempt to shake hands. Abstain from contacting and delayed eye to eye connection with ladies.

Never reject refreshments offered, as this will be resented to your host. When you have gotten your refreshment, you may anyway simply take a taste and leave the rest in the glass or cup. As a rule, sweet dark tea with new mint, little glasses of fragrant espresso, natural product squeeze or water will be advertised.

You will be relied upon to take off your shoes on entering a private home so it is imperative to guarantee you have clean feet or wear decent socks. On the off chance that you are welcomed for a feast in a private home that is eaten at floor level, make sure to sit with the goal that the bottoms of your feet don't confront anybody. Just take nourishment with your correct hand. Don't unequivocally appreciate anything having a place with your host. Your host would then be compelled by a sense of duty to make you an endowment of the thing, and would thus anticipate an endowment of a similar stature consequently at a later stage.

The focuses above are in no way, shape or form a completely comprehensive rundown of do's and don’ts for the Gulf area, and more research ought to be embraced once you know about where precisely it is that you will be working.

Saudi Arabia

Population: 26 million Capital: Riyadh Area: 2.24 million sq. km Official language: Arabic Currency: 1 Riyal = 19.57 INR

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gotten perhaps the wealthiest country in the area on account of tremendous oil assets. Sitting on over 25% of the worlds realized oil holds the nation is equipped for delivering in excess of 10 million barrels for each day. The Kingdom is one of the significant players in the Arab and Muslim universes, its stature based on geographic size, notoriety as the origination of Islam, and oil. The working populace is very multi-social because of a wide assortment of openings for work, serious pay rates and advantages for all nationalities.

With its rich legacy and vivid past, Saudi Arabia is saturated with custom and culture. The Kingdom has more than 600 yearly narrating, move and sensational expressions celebrations. Of these, the brilliant Janadriya Festival is the biggest occasion, praising parts of Saudi culture including expressive arts, people moving, painting, weaving, and writing, conventional and present day verse.

Practically all things and notable brands can be found in Saudi Arabia. Shopping centers have a variety of cafés and cheap food outlets like Domino's Pizza, KFC and Starbucks. Notwithstanding the cutting edge shopping centers, you will discover each town has an assortment of customary malls, and various captivating souks (secured markets).


Nearby state schools are generally impossible for outside youngsters. There are various tuition based schools which take into account the expat network and wealthy Saudi families. Regularly, these tuition based schools are under government control to a limited degree, so as to guarantee that educational program and measures of training meet those of state schools.

The language of guidance is frequently English, and classes are co-instructive. Families with more established youngsters, nonetheless, should ensure that the educational plan and principles of training are like those in their nation of origin so as to facilitate the change, particularly with a view to their kids' meeting all requirements for advanced education.

Expat families with kids as a rule select universal schools, of which there are a couple in urban areas like Jeddah, Riyadh, or Al-Khobar. Some of them follow certain national educational plans (for example English, American, Indian, and Pakistani); others offer the International Baccalaureate or a blend of global and third-nation educational programs. A few schools are partnered with their national government and along these lines may not acknowledge third-nation understudies. Most worldwide schools fuse pre-school, essential and optional school under one rooftop. As spots are restricted, try to apply at the earliest opportunity.


You'll before long notification that there are a ton of development ventures going on in Saudi Arabian urban communities, as loft squares and family houses are being worked in incredible numbers and at extraordinary speed to oblige the developing urban populace. Most expats live in mixes: low-ascent condo hinders that structure a gated network. The more lavish among them accompany their own pool, tennis courts, rec center, kids' play area, shops, and eatery. The condos themselves are generally open and all around kept up. Whatever sort of convenience you are going for; ensure it gives secured leaving offices to shield your vehicle from sand, residue, and high temperatures. Outside occupants have just been permitted to claim property in Saudi Arabia since 2011, in this manner most expats live in leased settlement. A great deal of enormous organizations with a noteworthy portion of outside workers have unique arrangements with neighborhood proprietors or home specialists, which empower them to offer a specific unexpected of convenience to their expat staff. The leasing procedure itself is generally direct, however you should try to have a guaranteed English interpretation of the Arabic agreement. Most convenience is empty, and there are short and long haul contracts accessible, going from one month to one year. According to common, any harm done to the property surpassing the limits of reasonable mileage should be paid for.


Medicinal services in Saudi Arabia are comprised of a mix of government wellbeing offices and private clinical practices, a considerable lot of which are staffed by English-talking specialists. Most Western ostracizes pick private human services, with numerous businesses giving clinical protection as a feature of an advantages bundle.

Private clinical protection is obligatory for every single outside national visiting or living in Saudi Arabia. This protection is regularly given by the business and empowers the utilization of either state-run or private facilities or medical clinics. Except for expert government medical clinics, private offices are commonly favored by most Western ostracizes as they are less packed and offer a superior assistance.

Fundamental and pro medicinal services and clinical treatment furnished are on a standard with Western Europe or North America. There are 1,600 government-worked wellbeing focuses the nation over, with a comparative number of private offices. Most neighborhoods (and a considerable lot of the bigger mixes) have in any event one private facility giving essential medicinal services. Most human services staff are outside and English is the regular language in many medical clinics and centers (both government-run and private). While there is severe isolation of the genders as a rule society in Saudi Arabia, most facilities and emergency clinics are available to the two people, and a female patient can be seen by a male specialist and the other way around.


Saudi Arabia has as of late experienced a redesigning of its street system, and this is presently of the best quality. You can drive for as long as a quarter of a year in Saudi Arabia on the permit from your nation of origin or on a universal permit. After this time, you are required to have a Saudi driving permit. A few licenses, including those from the UK and US, are convertible to a Saudi permit without a driving test.

Most of Western ostracizes in Saudi Arabia use vehicles as the essential strategy for transport (exclusive and rental), or utilize private drivers or taxicabs. Notwithstanding, there are some open vehicle choices accessible that give different approaches to get around. Ladies are not permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia and there are leads about ladies being in a vehicle with a disconnected man, even a driver, anyway this is regularly disregarded for outside nationals, particularly those from Western nations.

Enlisting a vehicle is feasible for any male guest to Saudi Arabia more than 25 years old who has held a driving permit in the nation of beginning for more than one year. Driving licenses are acknowledged from nations, for example, the U.K and U.S, or International Driving Permits can be utilized. Extraordinary consideration ought to be taken when first driving in the nation. It is prudent to utilize a driver or cabs for some time before driving alone. What's more, it is prescribed to consistently pay for far reaching protection.

Taxicabs can be found in all the significant urban areas, be that as it may, after significant changes of the taxi framework in late 2012, taxis can't be hailed from the road or some other fixed area, and must be held ahead of time, even in occupied settings, for example, air terminals and malls. Passages are not constantly charged by meter, so it is ideal to concur on the toll when booking a taxi or before setting off on your excursion.

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