Expertise in industry

Construction Operation and Maintenance

Wide range of view and extensive experience on working and being  manpower partner of our client from architecture till painting work. Our team have delivered commercial, Road development and extension. Healthcare, education, residential, plus Villa, Camp, Govt. civil Project, Workforce. From pilling to operating and maintaining infrastructure is our guarantee recruitment. 

Hospitals & Healthcare

Health and healthy treatment are every patient priority when it comes to manpower, we care this category like babies to prevent from misconception Medical and Non-Medical                     Categories. Like specialist, general physician, Pro metric accredited Nurses. Ward maintenance worker, or Health Diagnostic Technician or             operator. We assess complete manpower.

FMCG and Retail

Saudi Arabia accounts for around 51% of the total food retail sales in the GCC region.  Report shows Packaged Food market in GCC to grow at a CAGR of 7.38% by 2020. How can we remain back this sector? Our special team who has already gave many years FMCG and retail lead our client and swiftly closes the Campaign as require.

Hotels and Hospitality

Asia’s Culture and respect in nature allowed Asia comes in first priority whenever gulf needs Hospitality. NEMC has a substantial                 background in hotel, catering,  hospitality experience our some of client name on last page would show our grip in fast-food and             hospitality


We understand the contractor Bid and his important of his respective client therefore we choose only skills employee to Base building structure and construct upon layout. Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing system, This includes flow of plumbing, drainage, AC HVAC DRAINAGE, GAS Up to the point of contact with individual tenant spaces

Oil & Gas

Observing demand for responsible extraction of fossil fuels, NEMC work upstream, midstream and downstream market we contribute our effort for talent acquisition and staff solution. For offshore, sub sea, pipeline and drilling to HSSE                 department

I.T and Telecom

Again, one of the most recommended Sector from Asia, either you are new established IT firm or     well-organized traditional company. We think on your behalf to compile the today’s world         features. Our advice on this sector has made curios to many companies to contract the manpower with us. We give problem solver not the                 employee to meet your exact ideas.

Waste & Environment Management

Global environment under threat. Without joining hand, it’s not possible to clean and green the environment. Therefore, we have impaneled                 wastage management team to allocate the skilled employee. NEMC shows major hats off respect to the sector that contribute their effort in this field and ask to allow us to make it better by  contributing our effort.

Logistic & Distribution

As our client use most prominent method to cargo item in most  efficient and on time, our recruitment service encompasses with this sector to organize well behave employee for managing             respective client ethics


National Exports

Manpower Consultant

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